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Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate of Nampa, Idaho Welcomes YOU to Join in on the Fun, Fitness and Kick'n Self-Defense!

Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate of Nampa, Idaho Has Something for Everyone

As the premier destination for martial arts training, Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate would love the opportunity to welcome you to our facility. Designed with students in mind, our facility provides a comfortable, safe, and effective learning environment for all children, men, and women, regardless of age or experience level.

A Superior Blend of Martials Arts, Self-Defense, Fitness, and Fun!

Say goodbye to tedious workouts at the gym and prepare for the ultimate, challenging, workout that will teach you martial arts expertise, a simple, effective, and practical self-defense system, and serious physical fitness. What's the best part? It's a blast! Once you get hooked you can't help but come back for more.

Classes at Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate of Nampa, Idaho are engaging, dynamic, and fun, from start to finish. In addition you will learn valuable lessons and develop potentially life-saving skills. Our classes offer:

  • Flexibility Exercises

  • Conditioning for Cardiovascular Fitness and Strength

  • Martial Arts

  • A Logic-Based Self-Defense System

  • A Seriously Good Time for All

A Well-Rounded Program

The Martial Arts Program at Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate of Nampa, Idaho focus on character building as well as fitness, martial arts, and self-defense. This mind-body approach and emphasis on personal development will leave you feeling strong not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. As you tone your body and perfect your skills in martial arts and self-defense, you will also develop discipline, perseverance, self-awareness, and confidence. This will seep into every aspect of your life. It's no different with children's classes. Many children involved in the program develop improved focus and concentration, courtesy, self-discipline, and confidence. This leads to better performance in school and in sports, enhanced social skills, leadership abilities, and the strength to withstand peer pressure. You will feel the power inside and out.

Whether you have a busy schedule, diverse interests, or are concerned about a lack of experience or physical fitness, we have a program to suit your needs. Classes are offered for children and adults and our instructors take the time to ensure that all students have success. Try one of our specialty workshops, such as Self Defense Workshops, Kid Safe Workshops, and Bully Proof Seminars. Or make it a family affair with events, such as Buddy Night, Parent's Night Out, Movie Night, and holiday parties. To really work on your skills attend one of our tournaments, contests, and fun challenges.

Our Staff Can't Be Beat

Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate employs a rigid selection process, meaning our instructors are the top of their field. Each team member is thoroughly educated, highly trained, and professional. Not only are our instructors experts in martial arts, they are also trained in encouraging character building, for children and adults alike. Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate of Nampa, Idaho is a member of Black Belt Schools International. Membership in this highly acclaimed organization, ensures that the school is among one of the most recognized schools in the country. This is evident in the quality of our instructors. They will teach you the proper techniques in a safe environment to avoid injury and allow you to get the most out of the Martial Arts Program.

Pick Up Your Phone Today!

If fitness, martial arts, self-defense, and fun sounds like a match for you or your child, get started now to witness the amazing results that are in store for you at Sidekicks Martial Arts & Karate of Nampa, Idaho. Become one our Success Stories! While we hope you never need to use the skills we teach in the outside world, enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Take the first step and call us at 208-463-9999. Talk to one of our friendly staff members and find out about our Free Trial Program today!